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Vintage Report 2022 at Zeginis Winery

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Attica has a unique terroir. The famous Ramnous region of Marathon contributes special characteristics to the grapes. Against the backdrop of weather challenges, the terroir demonstrated its remarkable ability to infuse the wines with remarkable flavors and qualities that are truly unique to the region.

In recent years, the vineyards of Attica experienced a series of unusual climatic conditions that shaped the character of each vintage and affected the winemaking process. Examining weather data from previous years provides valuable information for understanding the quality of the 2022 harvest.

The weather in Attica has shown significant changes in recent years. The amount of precipitation, on average, varied from 500 to 600 mm per year, although some years had significantly more or less rainfall. Summer temperatures also varied, usually falling between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

In previous years, Attica faced challenges related to weather conditions that affected the vineyards.

Undoubtedly, the 2022 vintage had many emotions. The atypical climatic conditions with increased rainfall and significant temperature fluctuations tested the endurance of winegrowers and vines.

The year 2022 began with beneficial snowfall, replenishing water resources, and progressed with weather patterns that were within normal limits for the entire spring. The summer rains played a beneficial role in facilitating the steady growth of the vines and promoting their optimal ripening. Combined with the low yield and unique terroir of the Marathon area, these conditions contributed to the creation of wines with intense fruity character and concentrated flavors.

In the Marathon vineyard, we had an extraordinary amount of wind which favored the good health of the grapes and avoided diseases. The grapes were healthier than ever! It's a year that really favored the early varieties, like Chardonnay, and we're going to have great wines. As usual, his harvest was in the first days of August. For the wine Velanidia Zeginis 2022 was a special year because thanks to the many airs, the malic acid content of the grape increased significantly which led to spontaneous malolactic fermentation and a wine with buttery and fruity aromas.

The harvest continued with Agiorgitiko and Merlot, in mid-August, from the vineyards of Zeginis Winery. Pure grapes, high concentration of aromas and less tannins, as well as incomplete ripening of the grapes. It was necessary to sort by grape berries in order to achieve the desired quality for the wine that will be aged in barrels.

We had a cooler summer than usual for Attica. Choosing the right harvest day was a challenge for the winemakers, which we tried to achieve with continuous and multiple daily analyzes of ripeness but also full readiness. The rains and lower than usual summer temperatures delayed the start of the Savvatiano harvest, ensuring a smooth grape picking process and yield of raw materials characterized by pleasant acidity.

The 2022 vintage in Attica was a journey marked by the challenges of the weather, the influence of the terroir and the unwavering endurance of the winemakers. As we reflect on this remarkable vintage, we recognize the profound effect of weather on grape cultivation and the production of exceptional wine.

ZEGINI Chrysanthi


MSc Enology & Viticulture, Universite de Bordeaux


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