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Agiorgitiko - Merlot Zeginis

The Majestic Symphony of Zeginis winery red wine- An Exquisite Blend of Agiorgitiko and Merlot, Aged in Oak Elegance

Meet Zeginis Winery's award-winning red wine, a masterpiece adorned with a silver medal. Immerse yourself in the rich symphony of robust flavors, firm tannins and a lingering palate caressing aftertaste. This remarkable creation has exceptional aging potential, promising connoisseurs of the finest wines a remarkable journey of discovery. Elevate your culinary experiences to new heights and enjoy the perfect companion for culinary delights. Welcome to a realm where passion and art converge, inviting you to enjoy the epitome of wine craftsmanship.

Agiorgitiko Merlot Zeginis
Wine Cheers

Indulge in Unparalleled Excellence

Agiortiko - Merlot 2019/ 2020

Dry Red Wine PGI Attica

Variety Composition: Agiortiko - Merlot

Alcohol Level: 13% vol

Vineyard Location: Rhamnous, Marathon

Nestled in Ramnouda, the vineyards of Zeginis Winery with Agiorgitiko and Merlot thrive harmoniously under the Mediterranean climate, ensuring optimal ripening of the grapes.

The first sorting of the grapes takes place directly in the vineyard, following traditional harvesting methods. This is followed by a gentle removal process and the transfer of the grape must to temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Cold extraction prior to fermentation and continuous extraction throughout alcoholic fermentation further enhance the complexity of the wine.

Finally, Agiorgitiko - Merlot Zeginis is aged for 12 months in oak barrels before bottling. This exceptional wine exhibits rich character, medium velvety tannins and seductive aromas of ripe red fruit and spice.

With an aging potential of 5-7 years, it exemplifies the expertise and dedication that has been poured into the art of winemaking, resulting in a truly remarkable masterpiece.

Tasting notes :

Eye: Deep red color with purple reflections

Nose: Rich in aromas of red and black fruits,

with a hint of vanilla

Mouth: In the mouth it has aromas of red fruit jams with notes of smoke and leather, soft tannins and a long aftertaste.

Excellent aging potential.
It is recommended to leave in the carafe for 30 minutes or serve with aeration.

Ideal serving temperature:  16 – 18 °C


Silver Award

London Wine Competition 2022

Silver Medal

Agiorgitiko - Merlot 2019

Zeginis Winery

Intense nose, driven by red and black fruits with a touch of vanilla. The palate has jammy fruit flavours with hints of smoke, tobacco and leather, firm tannins and a long finish. Has great ageing potential.

London Wine Competition 2024

Silver Medal

Agiorgitiko - Merlot Zeginis 2020

Zeginis Winery


The nose is characterized by strong aromas of vines and eucalyptus, with hints of black fruits lingering in the background. Concentrated black fruit flavours along with soft tannins. Medium body wine with medium finish.

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Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024, Chicago

Silver Medal

Agiorgitiko - Merlot Zeginis 2020

Zeginis Winery


Aromas of dried Bing cherry, plums, herbs, and vanilla introduce a medium-plus bodied palate with baked red fruit, menthol, licorice, cedar, and sage, finishing with strong, fine-grained tannins and bright acidity.

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