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Savatiano Zeginis

Experience the Extraordinary Elixir of Pure Euphoria

Savvatiano Zeginis is a white dry wine with a special and unique character produced from the old vines of Zeginis Winery. It is a testament to the harmonious combination of oenological expertise, a deep-rooted connection to the land and an unwavering passion for the art of winemaking.

Savvatiano Zeginis
Salad and Wine

Unveil the Essence of Savvatiano

Savatiano 2021, 2023

Dry White Wine PGI Attiki

Variety Composition:  Savatiano 100%

Alcohol Level: 13% vol

Vineyard Location: Ramnous, Marathon

Nurtured in Marathon's historic Ramnous, our Savatiano thrives in ancient soils, kissed by the Mediterranean sun. Unique and unmatched, our heritage vines, over 70 years old, yield a wine of rare character. Zeginis expertise and passion culminate in each bottle, preserving the legacy of our grandfathers' plantings. Experience the allure of time, terroir, and tradition – a sip of living history, only at Zeginis Winery.

Embark on a journey with Savatiano Zeginis, where the golden elixir in your glass beckons you into the heart of Ramnous, Marathon. As you lift the glass, you're greeted by a radiant sun-kissed hue, a promise of warmth and vitality awaiting you.

Bringing it to your nose, you'll discover a bouquet that whispers of citrus groves, inviting you to imagine the sun-soaked blossoms. The first sip envelops you in a dance of zesty lemon and delicate floral notes, an orchestra of flavors that unfolds uniquely for you. The texture, a satin caress on your palate, enhances the journey.

With each lingering moment, Savatiano Zeginis invites you to savor the heritage and passion woven into every drop, creating a symphony exclusively for you. This is more than a wine; it's a celebration – an experience crafted just for you to relish and cherish.

Tasting notes :

Eye: pale to medium lemon-yellow color

Nose: citrus fruits such as lemon and orange with hints of chamomile and blossoms, contributing to its aromatic profile

Mouth: One wine with full-bodied palate, showcasing a harmonious balance between acidity and fruitiness. Citrus flavors with a zesty and refreshing quality

Ideal Serving Temperature: 8-10°C

Food Pairing:

  • Savatiano Zeginis pairs well with a variety of dishes, including seafood, grilled vegetables, and Mediterranean salads with vinaigrettes.

  • Its versatility makes it suitable for both light appetizers and more substantial meals.


awards sav
LWC_SilverMedal_2024 (1).png

London Wine Competition 2024

Silver Medal

Savatiano Zeginis 2023

Zeginis Winery


Very rich nose of tropical fruit and pine forest. Flavours of stone fruits , balanced by high acidity and long finish.

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Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024, Chicago

Silver Medal

Savatiano Zeginis 2023

Zeginis Winery


Aromas of orange blossom, quince, pineapple, peach, and apple followed by a lively palate with floral, peach, nut, lime zest, and herbal notes finishing fresh, making it ideal for Mediterranean cuisine.

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