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Mon Rose

Savor the Blissful Breeze: Experience the Captivating Allure of our Sun-Kissed Summer Rosé

Το ροζέ κρασί του Οινοποιείου Ζεγγίνης, mon Rose, είναι ένα φρουτώδες και ζωηρό κρασί. Αφήστε αυτό το μαγευτικό ροζέ κρασί να σας μεταφέρει σε έναν κόσμο καθαρής ευδαιμονίας, αναζωπυρώνοντας τις αισθήσεις σας και εμπλουτίζοντας κάθε στιγμή με ένα λαμπερό, αναζωογονητικό πνεύμα. Αφεθείτε στην απόλυτη απόλαυση του "Mon Rose" και ανακαλύψτε την ουσία της χαράς σε κάθε γουλιά.

mon Rose

The rosé wine of Zeginis Winery, mon Rose, is a fruity and lively wine. Let this enchanting rosé wine transport you to a world of pure bliss, rekindling your senses and enriching every moment with a bright, refreshing spirit. Indulge in the ultimate pleasure of "Mon Rose" and discover the essence of joy in every sip.

mon Rose bottle wine

Discover the Juicy Splendor of our Irresistible Rosé Elixir

Mon Rose 2022

Dry Rosé wine

Variety Composition: Grenache rouge

Alcohol Level: 12% vol

Grenache rouge is a French Mediterranean variety, which expresses itself beautifully thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate.

The harvest starts early in the morning, the grapes are transported cool to the winery and the juice coming out of the pneumatic press is ready to ferment in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank.

Mon Rose...a wine fresh and lively, with a beautiful aromatic character reminiscent of garden-fresh strawberries and wild flowers, full of freshness.

Tasting notes :

Eye: Light pink salmon color

Nose: lively wine with aromas of strawberry and gooseberry 

Mouth: Full-bodied and fruity, with hints of peppers, crisp acidity that gives plenty of freshness

Ideal serving temperature:  10 °C

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