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In the ancient municipality of Ramnous, amidst the historic sanctuary of the goddess Nemesis, your exploration begins. The Zeginis family, across generations, passionately connects their heritage with the art of winemaking, fostering a tradition that intertwines with the rich history of the region.
Discover the roots of Zeginis Winery through the lens of your curiosity. Generations ago, your journey begins with Dimitris Zeginis' grandmother, the visionary who planted the inaugural vineyards, setting the stage for a legacy passed down from one generation to the next. Growing up amidst the splendor of the vineyards, you witness Dimitris' deep passion for viticulture taking root.

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At Zeginis Winery, your experience intertwines the ancient Greek winemaking tradition with modern techniques, culminating in an exquisite wine result. Your passion unfolds in crafting wines that express the distinct character of each chosen variety and the terroir of Marathon. In the vineyards of Zeginis Winery, Savatiano is cultivated, a greek indigenous variety of the region of Attica, as well as Chardonnay and Assyrtiko for the production of white wine and the red varieties Agiorgitiko and Merlot.

The commitment to excellence is palpable in every bottle produced. Explore our wines, savor the essence of Zeginis Winery and indulge in the diversity curated for your discerning palate. 

Savvatiano Zeginis 2021

The Zeginis family, now involving you, spans three generations of grape growing. Proudly continuing the tradition, your engagement deepens as you learn about our vineyards. Delve into the expansive Ramnous area of Marathon, where our grapes thrive under an ideal climate and rich soil. Witness the pride we take in our craft as our vineyards expand with new plantings year after year. 

the owner of the winery, Dimitris, on his tractor in the vineyard
Zeginis winery cellar, barrels

Zeginis Winery, nestled in the heart of Marathon, invites you to join our dedication to crafting premium wines. Immerse yourself in the philosophy that the finest wines arise from the harmonious dance between nature and tradition. Engage in the manual harvest process, where only the best bunches are meticulously picked in the vineyard. Transported to the winery in the early morning, the grapes undergo fermentation, honoring tradition, terroir, and variety with the use of cutting-edge winemaking methods. The outcome? A range of wines that embody a distinct style – both elegant and expressive.

Unravel the intricacies of our winemaking process. Engage with the details that shape our wines, drawing you deeper into the captivating narrative of Zeginis Winery. Join us for an immersive experience, as you discover the synergy between tradition, innovation, and the exquisite wines that define us.

Agiorgitiko Merlot 2019 Zeginis Silver Medal in LWC 2022
Velanidia 2019 Zeginis Silver Medal in LWC 2022

In 2022 we won two silver medals after blind tasting at the London Wine Competition.

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Zeginis Winery Wines

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